Sports News

Khalsa vs Tornados
Final Score: 3 - 1
Date: 16 March 2019, Saturday
Time: 7.30pm

Khalsa’s fourth match was against Tornados. In the first quarter, Khalsa was in complete control of the game. Tornados were unable to break out of their defensive area.  Unfortunately for the ladies, the first quarter ended without any goals, with the team struggling to perfect the finish.

The game continued into the second quarter with Khalsa dominating the attack once again. With many players pushed up, Tornados managed to break through the middle and scored a goal by beating Khalsa’s players and keeper on the goal line with their speed and a simple lifted ball in. The quarter ended with the team trailing by one goal.

In the third quarter, Khalsa continued the game with better composure and a rejuvenated hunger. The attackers and midfielders were fierce in their defending of the balls, cutting off Tornados building up of defence. The midfielders were getting the balls in the attacking half, leading to many chances for Khalsa. This proved to be advantageous and purposeful as Khalsa scored the first goal by a beautiful deflection by Marian after a ball was sent in by Rachael. Tornados managed to break through the middle once again. However, with the sheer determination and teamwork of the team, Khalsa managed to stop them in their tracks. Khalsa played more confidently as Natalia dribbled the ball all the way into the D, beating a number of tornados players on the way and delivered a ball to Nadia S who was ready in front of goal to finish it off. The quarter ended with Khalsa one up.

It was evident in the last quarter that team was still filled with desire for another goal to seal the win. Khalsa managed to score another goal with a ball sent by Natalia to Nadia S, who scored her second in the match. The victory was sealed with the team’s perseverance to keep the ball up in attack.

The women’s team claim their first and well deserved win of the season and they go in hunt for their next.