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Ex-High CouJudge Choor Singhrt judge was known for being tough but fair;
he delivered over 100 judgments
 Retired Justice Choor Singh, who rose from humble beginnings to the bench of Singapore's Supreme Court and held that position for 17 years, passed away peacefully on 31 March 2009 at the age of 98. He was reputed to be the country's toughest and handled several challenging cases during that time.

“Despite his stern and uncompromising exterior, everyone knew that deep down here was a judge, meticulously fair and firm, with a deep sense of justice and his responsibilities.” 

- Sowaran Singh,
who had appeared before him as a DPP

His forte was criminal law and his illustrious career earned him high tributes by his contemporaries, including the renowned criminal lawyer, the late David Marshall.

He authored two law books during his time in the public service :

1. Gaming in Malaya by Choor Singh (Malayan Law Journal, 1960)
2. The Law Relating to Money Lenders (1963)

After retirement, he focused his energies on writing, research and community service as well as writing books on Sikhism, including:

1. Sikhism: Its Philosophy and History
2. The Lives of the Sikh Gurus (a text book for Sikh students)
3. Understanding Sikhism
4. Maharaj Singh Saint-Soldier

Notable Moments:

1929 - Completed Senior Cambridge Exams
1955 - Called to the English Bar
1960 - Became a District Judge
1963 - Elevated to the Supreme Court bench (tenure from 28 August 1963 to 30 November 1980)
1981 - Retired from service

Retired Justice Choor Singh was Singapore Khalsa Associaton's founder, patron and the Honorary Chairman, Board of Trustees. We would like to convey our heart-felt condolences to his family.

Choor Singh was cremated on Wednesday, 1 April 2009, at the Mandai crematorium.

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A Tribute to the late Justice Choor Singh through extracts from the book, 'Singapore Khalsa Association’ by Prof Tan Tai Yong.