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SKA and Naam Ras will organise a joint lecture by Mr Ravi Singh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Khalsa Aid, on ‘Regardless of Race, Language or Religion: Service to Humanity’ at SKA on 21 December 2018.

Mr Ravi is an internationally-renowned humanitarian leader, who through Khalsa Aid, has been instrumental in helping communities affected by natural disasters, war, displacement and humanitarian crises.

The lecture will address a number of pertinent questions. How did Khalsa Aid grow from a one-man show in the United Kingdom to an international organisation? How does Mr Ravi motivate his team to help anyone in need, overlooking ethnic and religious differences? How has Khalsa Aid helped to project the positive image of Sikhs around the world? How can Sikhs from around the world be part of Khalsa Aid’s noble mission?

Event Update:

The event was a success, with good attendance and vibrant discussion. Selected photos are shown here (more available on our Facebook page).

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