Khalsa vs Team HI
Final Score: 2 - 2
Date: 10 March 2019, Sunday
Time: 7.30pm

The Khalsa ladies played their third match of the season against team HI. The match started off at a high tempo due to the quick nature of the HI players. The opponents drew first blood through a string of short passes. Not long after, Khalsa managed to gain an equalizer through Nadia S because of the discipline and high press applied by the team against team HI.

Continuing into the second quarter, Khalsa managed keep the tempo high and was focused on winning every ball in the opponent’s half. Various attempts were made in attack and the team earned their well-deserved second goal through a direct shot by Myra. The game proceeded such that HI’s attempts at attack were constantly stopped by the Khalsa’s players, who stopped them in their tracks and broke their play with the tight man-marking and clever interceptions.

In the third quarter, HI was more composed compared to before and managed to bring the ball up through short quick passes and running quickly into the D, beating Khalsa’s players through their speed and 3D skills and ultimately scoring an equalizer through a lifted pass at the goal via a rebounded ball. Following that, Khalsa had a few tries at a goal and were unfortunate in being able to convert the attacks into a tangible goal.

The last quarter saw a change in the pace of the game. Team HI managed to intercept the balls that the team was working to bring up as they cut off the ball line options. The opponents were more aggressive in their attacks in the last quarter and almost scored a goal but the ball bounced off the post. Fortunately, Khalsa managed to clear out the ball immediately as more Khalsa players dropped into the defensive zone and the game ended with a tie.

From the match, it is evident that the team are not only holding on to possession but also making strides in attempts and shots at goal. It is also clear that the ladies were putting into practice what they have worked on during training. However, the team needs to improve the defensive aspect of the game. The team have their training plan sorted as they go into their fourth match against Tornados.