Khalsa vs Barkerites
Final Score: 3 - 1
Date: 10 March 2019, Sunday
Time: 3.00pm

Khalsa headed into Sunday’s match with a determined attitude to finally get their 3 points. Today’s was Khalsa’s first game in the afternoon, where the scorching hot sun proved to be an extra challenge for both Khalsa and Barkerites. 

Khalsa started strong in the first quarter by taking the first lead. The team managed to defend Barkerites high pressure attack and started a counter. The ball went to Aaron Tay, who hustled with the opponents when Khalsa was on the counter. Despite that, he managed to make a reverse pass to Haikal, who made a spectacular cross, on the run, to Fongwai who then deflected the brilliant ball to the far corner of the goal post which represented the forward line’s first goal of the season!

After the first goal, Khalsa became a bit sloppy in the defence, leaving men unmarked, giving Barkerites the opportunity to keep the pressure on the team. After countless attempts in attack, the opponents finally managed to breakthrough. Barkerites managed to get the ball to their centre forward, who dribbled pass our last man, Gabriel Yong, and scored the equalizer. 

The third quarter got heated when Aaron Tay managed to get dribble pass the opponent’s right back but the right back decided to play dirty and shoved Aaron Tay from behind. With the team witnessing this, the men were extremely motivated to prove the opponents wrong and show them that khalsa weren’t a team to be messed with. This led to our prominent attack on the right side where Fong Geng sent his signature cross into the D and Faiq managed to tap the ball making it slip in between the keepers legs. 

With the momentum on their side, the team attained a short corner shortly after their second goal. The ball was pushed precisely to fong geng, who then blasted the ball to the near post which sealed our victory on Sunday.