Khalsa vs SCC
Final Score: 5 - 0
Date: 10 March 2019, Sunday
Time: 4.30pm

Following an opening victory for their first game with many positive takeaways, the SKA NHL 1 men’s team was excited as they moved into their second match. The match started off under the blazing sun and the heat played a vital role in testing the teams’ abilities. 

SCC started the game at a high tempo with the first goal going in quickly. The first of four quarters saw both teams with equal possession. SCC forwards were aggressive with their press, charging at Khalsa's 3-man-defence which placed a lot of pressure on the defenders. It was difficult for Khalsa defenders to build the play out of the defensive zone. The second goal came as SCC played the ball down their right flank and took a shot right in front of the Keeper. It was unfortunate as the team conceded yet another goal with a ball deflected off one of the defender's stick and rolled into the goal. 

In the second quarter, SCC grabbed their third goal of the game with a well worked penalty corner. Khalsa's number 1 keeper, Gugan, made a good save but the ball rebounded off, bounced and went into the goal. Khalsa started to pick up the game with better composure on the ball. However, just as that happen, the sudden frantic movement and lack of composure caused the team to have a high turnover rate, losing the ball to SCC very easily. 

Khalsa conceded their fourth goal in the third quarter due to successive penalty corners being conceded. Despite the score line, Khalsa team tried to penetrate SCC's defending half with several one touch hockey but SCC's defence stood strong with every wave of attack. 

In the final quarter, another defensive error allowed a SCC player to be left completely unmarked in Khalsa’s defending zone in the D, allowing him to tap the ball in. This allowed SCC to bag the fifth and final goal for the game. Khalsa players were disappointed at the end of the sixty minutes experiencing their first and an extremely painful loss of the season. The frustration of not putting away their chances was seen on the faces of all Khalsa players. 

Khalsa were ousted from the top of the table by defending champions SCC, which was evidently visible through the lack of understanding of the tasks and roles of some of the players in their new formation. The Khalsa players vow to bounce back stronger in the next game against SRC.