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Khalsa vs Tornados
Final Score: 1 - 1
Date: 16 March 2019, Saturday
Time: 6.00pm

Coming into the match against Tornados, the Khalsa team wanted to log in the second win of the season. The game plan was to build up the play and attack down both flanks. As the first match against Tornados was still fresh in the players' minds, they knew the opponent will be tough to break down. Getting penalty corners was the key to winning the match.

The first quarter started off with both teams being conservative. As expected, the Tornados team sat back at the half line, giving Khalsa team the space and time to move the ball around. There wasn't any significant action as both teams were still in first gear.

The tempo of the match picked up in the second quarter. Khalsa stuck to the game plan of attacking down the flanks and they even managed to draw a couple of penalty corners. Unfortunately, they were unable to convert the chances. Khalsa also had to be sharp and alert to deal with Tornados counter attacks down Khalsa's left flank. However, a lapse of concentration resulted in a quick counter by the Tornados team. Khalsa was unable to deal with the quick passing, and it resulted in Tornados scoring the opening goal. 

Being a goal down, Khalsa came into the third quarter with an uphill task. Tornados did not gave Khalsa an easy time, compacting the center of the field and giving Khalsa a tough time to penetrate into the D. Despite the challenge, the team stuck to the game plan and managed to win penalty corners. From one of the routine, Khalsa grabbed the equalizer from a sweep by Aloysius followed by a deflection by Faiq into goal. Game on!

With the match tied at 1-1, the match was up for taking by either of the two teams. Khalsa continued to push forward, winning countless penalty corners. However, the end product was lacking as the team were unable to capitalize on their chances. Unfortunately, for Khalsa, luck wasn't on their side and the match ended with a 1-1 draw.