About SKA

Evolution Of The Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA)

Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA) was the brainchild of a few schoolboys of Raffles Institution during the mid-1920’s. In the absence of a Sikh organization for sports and culture, these sports enthusiasts took it upon themselves, with the backing of several adults, to establish Khalsa Association. Gurdwaras functioned, as most still do, as a place of worship and of social functions. Fueled with the need to establish a sports club, for their own community, the SKA was established on 8 May 1931. Today it has become a formidable institution for Sikhs in particular to partake and hone their sporting skills.

Amongst the very first sports inaugurated was football, a staple of many schoolboys and men. Later on, sports such hockey, cricket, badminton, kabbadi, golf and netball (girls), was included. Some groups still function.

In the 1960’s, SKA got its cultural aspect when a group of Sikh youths, enthusiastic in organizing cultural activities, affiliated themselves with the Association. Amongst the activities conducted were talks emphasizing Sikh religion, culture and education.

Building History

In 1932, the Association obtained from the Government, on a Temporary Occupation License, a playing field at Whampoa. This later came to be known as “Ground off St. Georges Road”. Later in 1962, it came to be known, as 601 Jalan Bahagia when a brick pavilion was put up at the ground. In the mid-sixties, the Government requisitioned the land at Jalan Bahagia. Left without premises SKA acquired another piece of land, this time at the corner of Balestier Road and Tessensohn Road and since January 8 1969, SKA has proudly stood there, a testament to the grit and determination of a few Sikh schoolboys who managed to mobilize Singapore Sikhs.

Today, SKA, a 5-storey complex, houses a club house, an air-conditioned marriage hall cum reception area, a bar and restaurant, a gymnasium and a jackpot room. SKA provides its members of all races and their families a large range of services, indoor and outdoor, for a variety of functions. It has become a popular venue for numerous wedding celebrations and receptions for the various communities in Singapore, besides the Sikh community.

The complex has been renovated over the years to remain relevant and meet the needs of its members.


The key objectives of SKA are:

  • To provide for the physical, moral, intellectual, cultural and social improvements, of its members.
  • The establishment for the advancement of the moral, intellectual and physical education and well being of scholars and the general promotion and advancement of education of Sikh students from any school or schools in Singapore.

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission
To enhance SKA’s image and create value through activities reaching out to a wider audience for a better quality of life for our members and community.

Our Philosophy
Working in Harmony for Progress, Prosperity and Community Bonding Our experience in community service and in our professional work enables us to further enhance and build on the Heritage established by our forefathers, trustees, past management committees, volunteers and fellow members.

Our Strategic Thrust
Leveraging on our experience and connectivity we will:

  • Enhance, strengthen and raise the quality of Sports, Culture, Education, Young Khalsa and Professional Network Group, programmes and activities to meet the diverse and changing needs of our members and the community.
  • Enhance Youth Connectivity with the Association through Easy Access Membership schemes and targeted activities.
  • Widen our reach through communication via a newly developed website (to be launched at the AGM), Newsletter and regular meetings with our members, including the wider use of Punjabi language. Special focus will also be given to strengthen the knowledge of our heritage. Communication channels will be specially designed to maximize reach to the SKA family from the young to the old.
  • Special focus group to be launched for professionals. The Professional Network Group will focus on networking sessions, talks and other activities.
  • Carry out prudent policies to enhance the Association’s financial resources.
  • Increase Revenue Generating activities through the use of SKA’s infrastructure developed extensively over the last few years.
  • Strengthen SKA’s staffing to provide support for development of Revenue Generating Activities throughout the day and enhance Event Management. Develop staff training to create value added services.

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