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The key objective of the cultural section of the Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA) is to focus and maintain a sense of cultural identity amongst Singaporean Sikhs and also to remind younger Sikhs of their rich and diverse culture. In line with the need to develop community bonding in Singapore, the SKA’s cultural troupe partakes in performances at a number of community and social functions.

The activities organised by the cultural sub-committee include the following:

  1. Vesakhi MelaVesakhi Mela (Fun Fair)- Vesakhi Day is a key event in the Sikh calendar, commemorating the birth of the Khalsa Panth (the commonwealth) and a celebration of the Sikh cultural heritage. Whilst religious ceremonies are held in Sikh temples, normally on the 13th of April, the SKA spearheads the organisation of the annual Mela (fair). There are normally fun-filled hands-on activities and sports throughout the day. The cultural activities include the performance of traditional folk dances such as the vibrant “Bhangra” and “Giddha”. In addition, the various food stalls that are sell authentic Punjabi dishes and sweetmeats. To round up the evening, a Disco-Di-Raat has been incorporated in the last few years.

  2. Lohri- This event celebrated by a newborn represents a grand occasion. At the SKA, this event is celebrated with traditional dancing and singing of folksongs (mainly by ladies) around a bonfire, which is the focus of Lohri. Usually, sweetmeats are distributed by the enthusiastic grandparents/parents of the newborn.

  3. Teeyan- This is another women’s dance festival that is part of SKA’s cultural activities. Giddha is seen at its best when Teyaan is celebrated.

  4. Dhol Lessons- The SKA provides the platform for dhol enthusiasts to understand and learn the dhol.


Every Tuesday (12 sessions)
Starting Date:  12 May 2009
Time:  7.30pm to 9.00pm

FEE: SKA Life member $50 / non-member $60
Group of 5 (one-time registration) only $250.

BOLLYWOOD GIDDHA (for girls below 25 years)
Every Thursday (12 sessions)
Starting Date:  14 May 2009
Time:  6pm to 7.30pm
INSTRUCTOR: (Qualified & Talented) Ms Sharul Channa
FEE: Girls below 16 yrs $40; Group of 5 only $150;
above 16 yrs $60; Group of 5 only $250

Awarness on Punjabi Culture

SKA Culture Section & the SKA Ladies Wing organized an "Awareness on Punjabi Culture" at the Asian Civilisations Museum on Saturday 29 March 2008. It was an opportunity to showcase and introduce our Punjabi Culture and craft to other organizations and societies. Hands on exhibit and stage performances were the highlight of the programme.

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