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Ex-High CouJudge Choor Singhrt judge was known for being tough but fair;
he delivered over 100 judgments
 Retired Justice Choor Singh, who rose from humble beginnings to the bench of Singapore's Supreme Court and held that position for 17 years, passed away peacefully on 31 March 2009 at the age of 98. He was reputed to be the country's toughest and handled several challenging cases during that time.

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The event was kicked off on 22nd February 2009. A total 17 Teams participated in 6th Young Khalsa League 2009. Family members and Friends of the league participants were present to witness the opening ceremony.

The games were played on weekends, and were enthusiastically supported by the parents / family members of the youth players. The finals of the knock out were played on 5th April 2009.

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Selected photos of the new SKA building:

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Golf Channel 


Singapore Khalsa Association organises several golf tournaments in Singapore as well as in neighbouring countries every year. Signup for our Newsletter for regular updates.

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Ladies Channel 

Ladies Wing

The SKA Ladies Wing not only plays an active and integral part within the Association, it also works with external organisations on various initiatives that benefit the wide community.

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Cultural Section 

Cultural & Social

The Association actively promotes Sikh and Punjabi culture by organising the annula Vesakhi Mela as well as Lohri, Teeyan and dhol lessons, and many other activities.

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Sports channel @ SKA 


Singapore Khalsa Association organises several sports events every year, including soccer, hockey, netball, turf and field games. For Golf News, click here. Our quality sports facilities are also available for hire.

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Young Khalsa Channel 

Young Khalsa

Young Khalsa is the youth wing of the Association. It's objective is to provide a platform for Young Sikhs to meet, interact and network among themselves as well as with other similar ethnic age groups in Singapore.

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SKA Adventure Channel 

SKA Adventure

SKA Adventure was formed with the aim to involve Singapore Khalsa Association members and fellow Sikhs in outdoor activities that will generate fun, provide exercise and promote networking across all age groups.

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